Evaluation in Public Relations

Evaluation measures are important every step of the way in a Public Relations Campaign. Analyzing is step one in process of evaluation, using forms and polls, according to the target market is the key to making sure the objective is being completed. With questions like “Who does it affect? And “What are you trying to say?”  There is a strategy that every company uses to monitor their progress, and provide evidence of outcomes According to Walter K. Lindenmann, For public relations research to provide support and assistance, “is better to put far more emphasis on quantitative data collection, since it is important to obtain statistically reliable and valid numbers to clearly pinpoint and substantiate any changes that have taken place,”

A crucial part of the evaluation process is a time line, there must be realistic goals, and expectations set in place for each step and for the finished product, Catherine Luckof represented Old Mutual Community on a YouTube video that spoke on Why and how do you evaluate your PR campaign?  This short 2-minute video was very informative.  And reassuring that “ a campaign doesn’t happen over night” The success of a group or company is encouraged and improves future campaigns.  Reviewing the budget on a regular basis to justify expenses and making sure that all is being accounted. Reviewing every step in the evaluation process for the next campaign is very important. Seeing the finished project may give new development for a future project, including what you may do different next time and how to go about changing it. The Evaluation process is continually evolving with more PR campaigns involving Social Media, yet the core values will always be the same.


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