Republican consultant Alex Castellanos said in Tuesday’s Washington Post: “The only thing in politics that is worse than voters deciding they don’t like you is when voters decide you don’t like them.”  (Creamer, 2012). In politics there is no bigger sin than disrespecting voters.  Society isn’t looking up to leaders who look down to them, they want someone who can empathizes with what they are living.   Fear lives in most American’s of what is to come next and who will be representing them as a nation. Yet for Mitt Romney the percentage of Americans, who believe that his policies will favor the rich over the poor and the middle class, should be a part of his fear. In the latest New York Times/CBS poll, nearly 60 percent of respondents in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania said that Romney’s plans would mostly help the wealthy.  Romney’s plan of cutting out the poverty level had been less than successful this far, People don’t want leaders who treat them with disrespect — who believe they are unable to “convince” them to take responsibility for their lives.

Robert Creamer, Political Organizer, Strategist, and Author quoted “Respect is such a core element of voter decision-making because it addresses one of our primary self-interests as human beings. More than most anything else, people want to feel that they have meaning — that their lives make a difference. Meaning in life is our core motivator, and once you tell people that they are, in effect, meaningless pond scum, they are not so inclined to choose you as their leader. Being disrespected is toxic in just about any human interaction. Nothing engenders more hurt or rage than the feeling that someone thinks you don’t matter.” This is exactly what we are try to teach the children today, that you are worth something, you are a good person and you are cared about.   The Motto in elementary schools today is NO bully NO harassing, yet they are still teaching it to the adults of America. Isn’t it interesting where children get their views? Most American’s live here because we want a better and positive environment to live in, with a Leader that wants the same. Not just on group raised above another.


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