The sights, the sounds, the smells of the 2012 Olympics.

The sights, the sounds, the smells of the 2012 Olympics. Dr Niren Suchanti, Chairman of one of India’s biggest PR and advertising independents, Pressman, sums up the views of many overseas consultants. He says: “The impact of the games has been truly huge. The excellent TV coverage made many of us feel we were right there in London. So many people have been stunned, not just by the excitement of the games but also by the sights and sounds of London. I do believe more people from India will want to visit London to discover for themselves the many facets of that magical city.”  The 2012  Olympics took years in the making and the  global economy received  quite an increase this summer from all the aspects of tourism. Behind the scenes PR was working to bring great numbers of people to one location, through commercials, social media, ticket sales, product sales and product placement just to name a few. In a survey conducted by the global public relations group ECCO, it shows that the London 2012 Olympic games  were a PR success.  The study was conducted of more than 100 communications experts from 24 countries. There was 79% judging their ‘local’ media coverage of the London Olympics as largely positive and 73% judging the event to have changed the image of the British for the better. On an even more positive note, 99% of respondents expect that the Olympics will encourage more people from their country to visit Great Britain and 97% believe it has resulted in a boosting tourism and international trade. The web and social media played a huge role this year in communicating about Olympic events in what is being called “the first social media Olympics.” The time difference between when events were scheduled to occur and when most stateside viewers would watch them during primetime only added to the importance of clear communication. Understanding how interested audiences want to receive and communicate information is important regardless of product or audience. This is one thing broadcasts of the Olympics have always done well. Producers understand the power of engaging audiences with tales that go beyond sports, transcending human interest. The same can be said for those of us working to reach our own audiences—people love a good story. That will bring the audience back for more and to generate the global economy in many different way.


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