Ridin’ Solo

          As a college student the idea of Solo PR sounds over whelming. After researching Solo PR, I found evidence that shows no matter how hard you work it doesn’t make up for lack of experience.  I don’t know if I completely agree with this statement but I do know there are characteristics of Solo PR that would completely overwhelm me at this point in my college career.

            On the positive side of Solo PR it would give flexibly to make my own schedule also the opportunity to be my own boss.  It also allows for creative freedom to solve an issue or problem in any way, without set rules that must be followed.  With being a Solo PR professional you will also have the ability to say “No”. Which is quite the flip side from working for someone, you’re never in control. With Solo PR you must learn quickly how to say the word ‘No’, so that you don’t become consumed by potential clients issues.  This would be a challenge for me, because I have little to no backbone when saying the word ‘No’ and I take on far too many challenges at once. 

            When looking into PR I knew I enjoyed the feeling of being well connected in my community, and that would be were I would find potential clients.   With branding my own company I must be comfortable with meeting new people, and going into situations where I know no one. With being comfortable in new situations, there I should build relationships with professionals who could fill were I’m not proficient like technology. I wouldn’t know how to build a website, or do graphic design. I would need to find qualified individuals or companies to supply that to my clients. With being a PR professional I most likely will be asked to mange clients Social Media sites like Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter to name a few. That will be a daily practice that will be continually evolving and growing in this forever changing industry.





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