In the past three months…

Before classes started I had no idea what to expect. All I thought was holy crap this professor is intense. Reading the pages of notes written by this unknown person with a demenor of you better get on boat or you’re going too drowned, I was intimidated.

Once in the class I realized much more, you could tell from her tone this class was going to be challenging and you better give it all you go and that’s what I did. We were asked to define Public Relations and at that point I had no idea how to describe it. So I Googled it like any other college student. I took pieces and parts of definitions and made something that sounded somewhat intelligent. I didn’t realize then that, which would be called plagiarism. But I came up with “Creating, promoting, or maintaining an image and relationship between the public and an organization or a famous person.” This truly isn’t far off of what PR is but three months ago I had no idea what maintain and image even meant.

I have grown to understand many more terms that would be used in at least a college level PR class. I have grown to realize how much goes into PR and that you must be a really motivated person or you will be swept under the rug. PR in a general overall outsider’s image is what I thought it would be; I thought it would involve communication, creativity, organization, and money. Yet it is so much more, I didn’t really know about ethics, diversity in the work place or strategy and tactics.

Throughout the semester I was introduced to PRSA- Public Relations Society of America. PRSA is and organization that is made up of PR and communication professionals across the United States, they are experts in networking, skill building. There definition of PR is “Public relations are a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” After taking this class I will continue through Grand Valley State University’s (GVSU) Advertising and Public Relations Program and finish with bachelors in advertising and public relations with an emphasis in public relations. I have enjoyed this class and I am looking forward to continuing my career and GVSU.


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