The New Me…

As I sit in Kirkhof center eating my fat free Greek yogurt with honey, all I can think about is how sour patch kids sound delicious. I am doing this all while looking at a fitness blog called Chelsea Blush a workout guru who transformed her body into pure muscle.  This is when I decided I was going to continue blogging. I think my motto should be “ I will blog for my sanity”. I say this because life is about choices and I made the choice to eat this yogurt over those delicious brightly colored processed sugar pieces. The choice of the foods we eat is only the beginning.

During my Fall 2012 Semester at GVSU, everything I did was to earn a grade. I couldn’t imagine spending extra time on something that wasn’t. The first few blogs I wrote I could barley write 300 words. I thought that blogging was going to be very un-useful and one of those skills likes algebra that you learn and throw away.   Except I was very wrong, through blogging in my Fundamentals of Public Relations class I started looking at other blogs about food, faith, lifestyle, and exercise just to name a few. I realized that blogging was really a way of expressing your self.

As a reserved person most of the time I think continuing blogging could be my therapy. With being in school and working I don’t get a lot of ME time. And sometimes a girl’s gotta vent. I don’t want to be one of those whiny bloggers who just complain because things don’t go her way, but I think when your passionate about something it gives you a release.  I am very passionate about topics that I don’t usually share with many since it can be controversial, but I think if I were to express them in a professional manor it would be accepted.

I would like to continue to grow my micro blogging skills through Twitter, because I have not taken full advantage yet. While on Christmas break from GVSU I will do some research on the Twitter chats about Advertising and PR, which could lead to potential jobs in the future through the connections I make. This is also the case about blogging. One thing that I will also work on is my knowledge of current events.  I have talked with many that wake up each morning and check CNN or AD week.  That has not become a part of my morning ritual, but that is one goal for 2013.

When blogging you are putting your thoughts and ideas into the universe for someone to hopefully to pick up and like what you have to say. I was thinking about what I would like to blog about and I don’t think I could choose just one topic, I would need to think of my skills, and what and I enjoy doing?

A recent and pressing topic to me is to keep an up to date Facebook page for soldier’s families and friends of the HHT, 6th Squadron, and 1st Cavalry Regiment of El Paso, TX. This is my brother’s troop who is leaving for Afghanistan in a few weeks. This is very true to my heart and I know as a sister of a solider, you are waiting for that phone call or message that may come any moment of the day.  By keeping an up to date Facebook page or blog, I’m sure someone would be interested and it may help others, as I know it would be helping my mental stability. For the soldiers and their families, it is sometimes there only form of communication. Through blogging in my CAP 220, it has taught me so much more than just that.


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