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ArtPrize 2013’s Top 10 finalists were unveiled Sunday afternoon, and the second round of voting began shortly after. $360,000 will be awarded by public vote via smart phone, text message, and the Internet with the top voter receiving $200,000. In round two, each participant is limited to one vote among the Top 10 and the polls close at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, before the 2013 ArtPrize Awards are announced Friday evening, Oct. 4. (Mlive, 2103)

There are only 8 days left to enjoy all of the amazing talent in downtown Grand Rapids. The city will be buzzing with excitement in suspense for the winner of 2013 Art Prize.

If you are looking forward to voting for your favorite piece through using the Art Prize app, the process has become even smoother!

In 2012, an Art Prize Sponsor, Iserv, implemented free Wi-Fi at some of the highest traffic art venues, where 10,000 users tapped in. In 2013, free Wi-Fi zones include Rosa Parks Circle, inside the Grand Rapids Art Museum, inside the ArtPrize Hub on Sheldon Avenue, inside the ArtPrize Clubhouse at J. Gardella’s, in the park between the Blue Bridge and the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and on the Blue Bridge. All free Wi-Fi zones except the ArtPrize Clubhouse zone will remain operational after ArtPrize. (Wood, 2013)

“Wi-Fi is faster for accessing the ArtPrize app and for voting for art,” says Iserv’s Director of Business Development Jeff Potter. “The Wi-Fi augments some of the coverage areas where cellular coverage is weaker, like inside a building. Carriers have data limitations, so users tend to look for free Wi-Fi services so they can conserve on their data plan.”

To access the free Wi-Fi, simply search for a network when you’re within the zone, click on 1 FREE WIFI-ISERV and then on the button to connect you to the Internet. (Wood, 2013)

It is an amazing experience to see how thousand of people join to view art that is made from all different mediums, from people with all different walks of life, with different opinions, that is displayed throughout a city. The one thing that ties everyone together is that they all have an opinion, and they are voting on it.

Christian Gaines the director of ArtPrize said “ I think the idea of public engagement cannot be underestimated in the success of the event, specifically in using technology in a very natural and elegant kind of way — not just to attract artists and venues but to register the public to get them to vote. So often technology is a kind of clumsy afterthought — like, “Oh my God, we need an app!”

But ArtPrize has used technology not just to attract artists and venues but also to register the public and then to get them to vote. … That’s a unique concept. (Stryker, 2013)

Art Prize did a phenomenal job on the look and functionality of the website and app.  Having the different opinions of how to look up the art is an amazing feature.

Majority of the outside pieces are considered to be apart of a inside location, but with the different options of how to search it made finding pieces or arts much more simple.


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