Electronic Communication?

Large-FREE-SOCIAL-MEDIA-VECTOR-ICONSSocial media is “ electronic communication that incorporates social networking and microblogging, through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and video.” (2013, Merriam-Webster)

What is social media’s presence in the world? According to Chris Smith there is 1.26 Billion users on Facebook, last updated 9/29/2013 and there is 500 million total users, on Twitter and more than 215 million active users, last updated on 10/3/13.  (Smith, 2013)

My presence in social media began on Facebook, I predominantly would share pictures from places I have traveled, and articles I have enjoyed reading, as well as videos and some times just funny or motivational quotes that get me through that hectic day. What I post will depend on what is going on at that time in my life; many of the things I post pertain to advertising, public relations, and beauty- working in a hair salon and about being an Army family.  When my brother was deployed to Afghanistan last year, I spent majority of my time posting funny pictures, videos and motivational quotes to his page to remind him that we were thinking about him. Another military family invited me to join there Facebook group to help stay informed about his troop’s home coming. Being apart of a movement or network is one of the many reason why social media is so powerful.

I try not to post negative or controversial topics such as politics, and religion, only because I have individuals that are extremely opinionated on both sides and I don’t enjoy or do well with controversy. I have beliefs but I don’t want my beliefs to prohibit me from getting a job in the future because of the things I have posted my stance on.  Many people will obtain careers, in which they will need to have a strong opinion on one side or another, but it depends on the career field, one finds themselves in.

On Twitter I follow individuals and organizations that write about public relations, and beauty; some news worthy, some just for fun. I try to look for great writers, bloggers, and social media gurus.  I have been following non-profit organizations that focus on women, to grow my knowledge of how they talk to their audience, so that I know how to write my posts for my internship at SowHope. Twitter is new to me this year; it still takes me sometime to writing and re-writing what I want to say. I began using Twitter to improve my knowledge of micro blogging and the organizations that could potential lead to networking or job possibilities.

I think other students predominantly use Facebook and Twitter, even though we are supposed to be a tech savvy generation, we are creatures of habit. This was obvious to me as were setting up our about.me pages and trying to use Google Analytics. From talking to other student I have heard that Twitter and Snap Chat, a picture-messaging app for smart phones has become the way of communication for many.

My personal favorite and what I believe to be the most beneficial social media tool is about.me.  On my about.me, I have linked all of the social media sites I participate in, including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Instagram.  My favorite aspect is that anything a future employers or internships my want to know, all of my information is in one location.  Also on about.me I have enjoyed finding other students in Advertising and Public Relations, and seeing what they are putting out into the world through their blogs and social media pages. I have found some individuals to have similar interests and I have read their blogs and thought, “ Oh my god, she sounds like a professional beauty editor.”  Or “I can’t believe she has interned at Elle and Vogue,”

I believe the most detrimental form of social media would be Twitter, because it can become HUGE time suck if not utilized properly.   Another problem can be that not everyone knows the difference between personal and private information. This can really get someone into trouble because that information is truly never deleted once posted onto Twitter.

Since I have started at GVSU, I feel like blogging has become more popular and expected in the Public Relations and Advertising field.  I would like to grow my WordPress and expand my knowledge on blogging. I know it takes practice and time. I am interested in a Public Relations career within the beauty industry.  With this goal, blogging will be very necessary to grow my name in the industry and through blogging I can position myself to be recognized by potential hiring organizations.

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  1. Great blog, and your right… it really shows you! Thanks for sharing! I too write on Social Web Media… as I am the founder of an agency. Hope to continue seeing great posts from you my dear! Keep up the good work!

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