My Future

As I begin to think about where this next year will take me before I graduate in December of 2014, I think about all that I would like to accomplish before then. Everything I want to see and do, organizations I would like to participate in and places I want to go.  All these experiences that I am looking forward to experiencing gives off an emotion. These  experiences and emotions are what drive social media.

I realized this after reading, PRSA Conference Recap: Brian Solis, On the Future of Public Relations.  “The future of PR lies in creating shareable experiences; it starts with a vision, a mission, and a purpose,” he continues. “You have a role in changing how businesses, organizations and governments talk, relate, and influence.” And this change isn’t about tools, technology, blogging, or influencers, it’s about behavior, “What people feel, do, share, like and don’t like. It’s about you and me. And that’s why PR has to change,” says Solis. ( 2013, BurrellesLuce, Industry Events, Public Relations)

For my future career within Public Relations,  social media  will be an important tool that will be implemented  for many campaigns,  and also as a way to tool for communication and analysis.   Social media will be used  no matter where the organization, client, or consumer is located.

Gini Dietrich, business owner, Public Relations professional, and Blogger wrote The PR Firm of the Future.  Dietrich wrote,  “It isn’t necessary for us to have an office. It isn’t necessary we even be in the same city as our clients.  It’s getting less and less necessary -with Google Hangouts and other technology – to get on a plane to see our clients.”  I believe this is true for my future in PR.

Visually communicating  with someone  is so much more accessible than before, technology has changed our way of life. It doesn’t always mean that communication is easy, but is at least it is available at our finger tips.

Internationally Brazil is emerging as one of the most social media  savvy, according to Ryan Holmes CEO of Hootsuite.  On September 12th, Holmes posted The Future Of Social Media? Forget About The U.S., Look To Brazil, a intriguing article about how Brazil is just hitting its social media stride.  With the average time spent on Facebook among Brazilians increased 208 percent last year, to 535 minutes per month. By comparison, global use declined by 2 percent during the same period.

“Brazilians are using social media to inform buying decisions. 77 percent of Brazilian social media users have a positive attitude toward shopping and buying on social networks, according to a recent study by Brazilian media consultant eCRM123. Meanwhile, four-fifths of social net workers use social sites to research new products and are more inclined to trust recommendations from social media contacts than from other sources.”  (2013, Holmes)

I enjoyed reading this article about Brazil’s growth of social media and  their positive attitude toward the future of social media. As a PR student, social media will be a part of my career and daily life and  with the study done from eCRM123,  and this article by Holmes. I don’t see  it going anywhere anytime soon.  This coincides with Solis and Dietrich and that people believe and trust in products because of emotions and experiences, and social media and Public Relations can take place any where in the world.

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